{e} Web Developent for the Mobile Age

While social media has given everyone a bit of space to express themselves, small business people need a more permanent structure to advertise, inform, and collect information. The challenge for small business is to present meaningful content in a space that is fluid in nature and that will hold the attention of the short attention span culture.

Unlike a printed brochure your website may be viewed on a PC, tablet, or even smaller mobile devices.

{e} Design trends for 2013

In 2013 eSearing Creative will develop small business sites with an emphasis on these trends while also keeping your site backward compatible. Click on the topics below to learn more.

Responsive web design is coding that allows the site layout to expand and contract with the screen size of the users browser/device.

HTML 5 is a current and future web standard markup language. CSS3 is the most current method for styling web pages across multiple platforms. Some browsers are not fully HTML5/CSS3 compliant yet. HTML5/CSS designs are usually clean simple yet creative designs and feature various media and design features to get your sites visitors involved.

Tools that allow site owners to take ownership of site content updates without having to change design or call their developer to make a change. Blogs like wordpress are sometimes used as CMS but many shopping carts and custom CMS systems are available.

Online tools or sites like facebook, linkedin, youtube, picasa, pinterest, and/or twitter can also enhance the small business site and give owners new opportunities to reach new customers.

Custom Web Applications are server side or client side coded business solutions which help you gather intelligence on your users or provide real time information without the need to distribute software to your users.