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eSearing Creative - Photography Blog

www.searing.photography is my latest blog about my work in Film and Digital photography. The blog allows me to tell the stories behind the images as well as showcase my current work. I have always enjoyed nature photography and these days I am focusing on the rivers, streams, and waterfalls of North GA. I can usually be found lugging my 4x5 camera gear on the Appalachian trail or along the roads between Dahlonega and Blue Ridge.

Saint Peters Bench Copyright 2015 Eric Searing

eSearing Creative - Web Development

I am a web developer by day and have many years experience building websites for small businesses. Currently I work by referral only building wordpress template sites, ecommerce enabled sites, and simple repsonsive HTML + CSS websites. Please contact me if you would like to discuss creating a site for your personal needs or small business.

eSearing Creative - Coldfusion Blog

CF Blog - I use Adobe's Coldfusion Enterprise edition at work to rapidly develop data driven applications and resoures for my system users. I have spent years solving problems and doing the impossible using a bit of CFML tag magic, mixed with Javasript and CSS. The blog is a place where I can store snippets of code and posibly even help others encountering similar issues.

Pond Journals

Pond Journals is a blog about the building and maintenance of my Koi Pond and the products I have encountered during that Journey. The pond below is a lovely example of a Japanese Garden pond, unfortuantely not mine.

iStock licensed image
Burge Searing Handcrafted Dulcimers

Burge Searing (1944-2008) was my father. In addition to being an accomplished musician he was an artist and wood crafter. Late in life he started making wooden musical instruments including Celtic Harps, Hammered and Mountain Dulcimers, and other stringed instruments. Please visit his page to learn more about his life and work.

Hammered Dulcimer photo courtesy of Gloria Dempsey