December 19th, 2010

This is my latest personal web project documenting the rebuild of my pond. I will work to make it a pond owners resource as well or perhaps a place where others can share their pond building experiences. It is made up of a wordpress blog. I only changed out the image used for the header and the background color.


The BarkBark Bakery

November 14th, 2010

barkbarkbakery.comThis is my latest web site design. BarkBarkBakery.com. It is a storefront for home made dog treats.

The online shop is a modified Zen Cart application. I really like Zen Cart’s code structure and general layout. Most of the cart changes were done with CSS and graphic images. I only had to rearrange the header items a little to get them to do what I wanted. The administration panel gives the shop owner a great deal of flexibility and allows her to create and edit pages in addition to maintaining the product pages. Overall minimal effort compared to other cart applications I have dealt with in the past.

Design wise it started out as several shades of grey, with orange titles but the owner asked for a change to blue and yellow. I like the end result a little better than I thought I would. Most of the images are stock images which will be replaced with her own images over time.

WingmanHeDelivers website

September 16th, 2010

A new website for a Wings and BBQ joint. Almost no content here so I extracted parts of the menu to get users attention. Menu was provided in DOC format for 11×14 paper. Converted to 8×11 pdf format for viewing on the web. This was a low budget job which may seek improvements later. Some basic concepts here of using an image that points to the text (subliminally) and use of textures and variations of a color tone for overall adhesiveness.
The punches of red are echoed in the logo and image used, while all other tones are shades of brown and tan.

WingmanHeDelivers.com website.

Eric’s Test Lab .com

June 2nd, 2010

I needed different hosting in order to experiment with Coldfusion applications and code. I am using CF a great deal more at work and may begin to use it for clients sites. It has some really nifty features and is more natural to me than PHP for application development. So I built erics-test-lab.com as a blog and applications test site. As I develop applications I will share them. When I encounter coding problems and solutions I will share them. It will also act as my personal code library. Please come visit if you have any interest at all in Coldfusion, JQuery, SQL, or general development issues.

It took me a while to land on a design for the blog so this is the latest iteration.

New Website Got-Lawn.com

May 13th, 2010

Version 3 of the Got Lawn? website is now available. Version 1 was a temporary holding page. Version 2 was a little more robust but the owners decided they wanted to increase interactivity and to brand it more like the parent company site (got-bugs.com).

In Version 3 I reused the structure from the parent site and added some additional features. Site contains an instant quote tool which is both a sales/marketing aid and list building tool. The site contains a blog whose content appears on the home page. Forms were revamped giving them a little more style. Lots of custom and stock images used. Overall color scheme was changed to match the logo colors. Layout is generally 3 columns throughout with a couple of exceptions where I went to 2 columns.

got-lawn.com website
click image to go to the site

I finally had a photo published

March 5th, 2010

Fox news has a daily submission for topical photographs so that those of us out there with too much time on our hands can manipulate them into something funny or expressive. I finally decided to enter one and managed to get picked for the daily slide show. The topic was “How Congressman Charlie Rangel will spend his free time now that the ethics committee has found him guilty of ethics violations. My first thought was Macy’s Easter Bunny, so he can continue to spread joy to his constituents.


Charlie Rangel's Free Time

Installing Ioncube loader for Associate-o-matic on Bluehost

February 4th, 2010

I had a heck of a time installing the ioncube loader on bluehost and making it work for AOM’s shopping cart. But finally figured it out. If you are getting a message that ioncube must be installed try the following.

Step 1 – Go to ioncube.com and get the ppc64.zip linux version of the loader. It is zipped so you can unzip it to your pc and upload the files to your site. The version that comes with AOM may not be the correct version. If not on Bluehost, check your servers configuration and get either 32 or 64 bit version that is compatible with your server.

Step 2 – Put the ioncube loader at the /home/sitename/ioncube/ directory level, not /public_htm/ioncube/. Copy the version of the files you need (currently 5.2.so) to the ioncube directory.

Step 3 – Goto the Bluehost cPanel and find the software/services box and click the PHP config button. Once that opens, scroll down to Install Default php.ini , select the ioncube checkbox and click the install PHP master ini button.
This will load a php.ini.default file to your public_html directory.

Step 4 – using File Manager edit the php.ini.default file. Scroll near the bottom where you see this:




DO NOT ERASE zend_extension=/home/sitename/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin.so lines, just leave them alone!!!

Step 5 – Rename the php.ini.default to php.ini
Open your AOM site and see if all is working. You may have to clear cache by using ctrl-f5 to refresh the page.

NOTE: if your server is using PHP 5 Single this php.ini file will work for all subdirectories of Public_html. If not you may have to copy the php.ini file to each subdirectory of the AOM cart.

Hacked + New site.

January 24th, 2010

Glad I keep backups of my site. I was hacked once again by syrian hackers. Thanks guys.

In better news, I am finally launching a site for one of my regular customers. Got-Lawn.com which is a tree and turf care company in Alpharetta/Cumming Ga. area. Nothing really fancy in its design but used color to coordinate different sections of the site. Over all it was pleasing to my eye.


Coldfusion Query tablelist from multiple databases and bind them in a form.

January 22nd, 2010

Using the meta data available in most database software you can usually get a list of tables by querying the sysObjects table. However I had need to change the list of tables based on a database name selected. We have multiple databases on our server. So here is the code. It uses Coldfusion and a little Javascript while querying the system resources. This is for Sybase and may need adjustment for Oracle or MSSQL database. Not quite as elegant as what Ben Forta might write but it gets the job done.

Main CFM

<cfquery name="get_datasources" datasource="yourDS">
  select distinct name as datasource_name_v from master..sysdatabases

    <cfform name="sform" id="sform" action="docs_main.cfm" method="post" >

            <label for="datasource_name">Datasource Name</label>
		<cfselect name="datasource_name">
			<cfoutput><option value="#datasource_name_r#">#datasource_name_r#</option></cfoutput><br /> 
			<cfoutput query="get_datasources">
                            <option value="#trim(datasource_name_v)#">#trim(datasource_name_v)#</option>  

        <label for="table_name">Table Name</label>
		<cfselect name="table_name">
			<cfoutput><option value="">Select a table name</option></cfoutput><br />

<em><strong>bind the datasource name</strong> </em>
<cfdiv bind="url:mod_get_tables.cfm?cfdebug&datasource_name={datasource_name@change}"  />	

mod_get_tables.cfm (the include file which performs the magic)

<cfparam name="url.datasource_name" default="">

<cfif #len(trim(url.datasource_name))# gt 0>
	<!---Query sysobjects for the selected database name to get tables ---> 
	<cfquery name="get_tables" datasource="your_dsn">
		set rowcount 0
		select name as table_name_v
		from #url.datasource_name#..sysobjects
		where type <> 'S' and name <> '' 
		order by name
	<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
	// get rid of all but top line incase it is populated from the database
	document.sform.table_name.options.length= 1;
	//get the number of records output
	var rc = <cfoutput>#get_tables.recordCount#</cfoutput>;
	<cfset rcx = #get_tables.recordCount#>
	//set up a dummy counter
	</cfset><cfset j=1>
	//define the number of records for the select option list
	document.sform.table_name.options.length= rc;
	//loop over the query and output the variables to the option list.
	<cfloop query="get_tables" startRow="1" endRow="#rcx#"  >
		document.sform.table_name.options[#j#] = new Option("#table_name_v#", "#table_name_v# ", false, false)
		<cfset j= #j# + 1>

	<cfset table_name_v = "no datasource selected">

Cell phone links on a page

November 14th, 2009

While searching for ways to make a cell phone call a phone number on a web page I found there is no official standard. The most common seems to use the anchor tag with href=”tel:9999999999″. It does work from my blackberry web browser. It can also work with an image of the phone number.

<a href="tel:5558675309"><img src="path/imagename.gif" alt="Call for service 555-867-5309" /></a>

Within one of the forums a user asked about phone number spamming. Much like href=”mailto: the phone numbers could be crawled and used for a spammers phone list using bots. Another user suggested encoding the phonenumber with HTML ascii equivalent characters and even pointed to this site which has an online encoder. I tried it and used it for the telephone number and it still works. The spammers may be able to figure this out in a while but it should at least slow them down.

<a href="tel:555...
<a href="tel:&#053;&#053;&#053;...