I just wanted to let you know I own one of your Dad's Bowed Psalterys and recently changed out some strings and was reminded what a great instrument it is and what a great craftsman he was.

I was in Stone Mountain on business in the mid 90's when a co-worker and I entered your Dad's store and were instantly taken with his gentle nature and kindness. I purchased the psaltery and it has been a cherished instrument since. I keep it in my office at the church where I work and am reminded daily of your Dad's art and commitment to music.

Just wanted to let you know, a I'm sure you do, that his instruments are still bringing joy to those all across the country.

Scott Stilwell
Director of Music and Fine Arts
West Des Moines Christian Church

I own one of Burge's gorgeous hand crafted hammered dulcimers. I thought the world of him and he gave me many hours of pleasure while I followed him around like a puppy while I watched him build his awesome instruments. He taught me to play the beautiful one he made for me, and he had infinite patience with my incessant questions. The man was truly a unique treasure and it pains me to know he is gone. I brought my dulcimer to Costa Rica in 2000 where I currently live. Every time I play my dulcimer, I am always filled with awe and magic. You wont see mine on ebay. I believe it is the most beautiful one he ever made...You are irreplacable, Burge.
Gloria Dempsey,
Zoologist living and working in Costa Rica